DSD 2009 Program: Keynote 3


Keynote DSD 3:
Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo, IBM Microelectronics Services, San Francisco, USA
A Revolution in the Semiconductor Industry? The Shift of Innovation to the Edges
Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo has been a semiconductor and nanotechnology partner at IBM's Venture Capital Group since 2004, and currently heads IBM's Microelectronics Services business worldwide. He has studied and worked in Europe, America and Asia. In 2007, Dr. Carballo was on leave as a partner of Argon Venture Partners, the first VC firm focused on synergies between the US and Canada. In 2006, Juan-Antonio was on assignment in China to bootstrap IBM's VC presence and ecosystem. In 2004 and 2005, Juan-Antonio established first-time partnership initiatives around IBM hardware architectures, bringing in hundreds of new VC and start-up relationships and deals, spearheading the first $100m platform fund initiative with Walden International around blades, and creating the first VC board around an open Power Processor platform. For this work, he was named number one "Top 40 Under 40" by American Venture Magazine in 2006. Prior to his work at IBM's Microelectronics Services and VC Group, Juan-Antonio led research in adaptive communications chips and systems at IBM Research. He won several IBM awards for his work in this area. He filed over 25 patents and has around 50 publications in semiconductors, chip design, hardware system design, energy-efficient design, system engineering economics, and collaboration software. He is also the author of the well received book "Chip Design for Non-Designers: An Introduction", available worldwide (PennWell 2008). He has been Chair of the International Design Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, the 2004-5 CTO VSIA IP standards organization, Chair of the IEEE Committee on Electronic Design Automation, Executive Committee member of IEEE ICCAD, advisor to several top start-ups, and organizer of dozens of leading conferences in design technology. His prior work experience includes stays at Digital Equipment, LSI Corp., Accenture, and EDF. Juan-Antonio holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, an M.B.A. from the College des Ingenieurs (Paris), and a M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.
Abstract A perfect storm of dreadful demand, unsustainable capital outlays, and tight financial constraints has been attacking our maturing semiconductor industry for years now. While some believe the industry itself is in jeopardy, we believe the future is bigger and brighter than ever for an industry that has never been so important to technological advancement. What will dramatically change is the number and type of players, the key business model engines, and most importantly the sources and levels of innovation feeding growth. Specifically, dramatic innovation is happening right now in increasingly important fields "at the edges" of the semiconductor driven technology stack. Those corporations and institutions that will focus capital, human resources, and value chain facilities on these edges will become successful in this new era. This trend is coupled with a reorganization of the value chain that will break existing assumptions, where each institution will focus only on its core competence and outsource the rest by leveraging sophisticated semiconductor services. Industry functions that have always required owning manufacturing facilities will leverage others, while new types of manufacturing-focused companies will spring around growth areas like MEMS, bio-electronics, and energy technology. Companies focused on being channels will expand globally to deliver many of these services "end to end", where each portion of the services may be delivered by the most efficient institutions globally.


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