DSD 2009 Special Sessions


Special sessions already accepted, and now accepting paper submissions:

SS1: (LSA) - Logic Synthesis Hot Anew.
Special Session Organizer: Jan Schmidt, CTU in Prague (CZ)
This special session addresses all aspects of modern logic synthesis for contemporary and future digital systems. Its main focus areas are: circuit synthesis process, algorithms for Boolean and combinatorial problems, energy-aware design methodologies and emerging paradigms, technologies and processes.
Call for Papers: SS1 LSA CFP
Web link: http://dsd09.felk.cvut.cz/logic/
SS2: (SLE) - System-Level Energy Optimization of HW/SW Embedded Systems.
Special Session Organizer: E. Villar, Univ. of Cantabria (ES)
It aims at gathering within the same forum contributions regarding the optimization of the energy at different abstraction levels: from the design of code up to the library and task/resource management carried out at the operating system level.
Call For Papers: SS2 SLE CFP
SS3: (FTD) - Fault Tolerance in Digital System Design.
Special Session Organizer: Z. Kotásek, Brno Univ. of Technology (CZ)
It addresses all aspects related to concepts, theory, implementations and applications of fault tolerance principles in digital systems design.
Call For Papers: SS3 FTD CFP
Web link: http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/events/dsd2009
SS4: (WSN) - Wireless Sensor Networks.
Special Session Co-organizers: W. Fornaciari, Politecnico Milano (I) and J.A. Montiel-Nelson, IUMA/Univ. Las Palmas G.C. (ES)
It aims at contributions regarding both the architectural optimization of wireless sensor networks and the off-line planning of the overall sensing infrastructure.
Call For Papers: SS4 WSN CFP
SS5: (FDR) - Flexible Digital Radio.
Special Session Organizer: D. Noguet, CEA-LETI (FR)
It addresses all aspects regarding both the architectural concepts and methodologies of multi-standard, multi-mode flexible radios. Tradeoffs considering flexibility vs. computational, power consumption parameters are cornerstones of architecture selection.
Call for papers: SS5 FDR CFP
SS6: (DTD) - Dependability and Testing of Digital Systems.
Special Session Organizer: H. Kubátová, CTU in Prague (CZ)
It addresses emerging issues, hot problems, new solution methods and their hardware and software implementations in all fields of digital and mixed-signal system dependability and testing. It is especially focused on the dependability and testing related to the SoC technology and modern embedded applications.
Call for Papers: SS6 DTD CFP.
Web link: http://dsd09.felk.cvut.cz/test/

The call for other special session proposals will remain open till December 15th. New sessions will be included in the January edition of this call.


June 5th, 2009
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March 16th, 2009
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