The research carried out by our team is mainly focused on the design, use and application of novel hardware and software technologies for improve the health outcomes in different medical areas. The research is centered in three main pillars:

1) Design and development of novel medical instrumentation for data acquisition;

2) Design and development of innovative processing algorithms based on machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions;

3) Design and development of hardware solutions for algorithms acceleration with the goal of reaching real-time performance.

Specifically, we are experts in the design and development of systems and algorithms for acquiring and processing hyperspectral images in clinical and surgical environments, targeting providing medical doctors with improved diagnostic results in real-time during clinical routine practice.

Our interdisciplinary research team includes experts in engineering, bioengineering, telecommunications, mathematics and statistics, medicine, among others external collaborators experts in oncology, neurosurgery, histopathology, gynecology, endocrinology, dermatology, etc.

Our main aim is to contribute to advance research and set the basis for future developments to impact in disease prevention, detection, diagnosis and therapy.