La ULPGC se incorpora a la Spanish Open Hardware Alliance por iniciativa del IUMA

18 APR 2024
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IUMA Professor Antonio Núñez leads the initiative

The Plenary Session of the Social Council of the ULPGC, in its ordinary session on April 17, 2024, approved the incorporation of the ULPGC as a founding member of the Spanish Open Hardware Alliance (SOHA).

This initiative has been promoted at the ULPGC by the professor of Electronic Technology, Antonio Núñez Ordóñez, founder and former Director of the University Institute of Applied Microelectronics (IUMA) of this university.

SOHA (Spanish Open Hardware Alliance) is an association that brings together Spanish universities and research centers, promoted and led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona-CNM from Barcelona. The three basic pillars of SOHA are training, research and innovation, which, conveniently intertwined, constitute the framework for collaboration and evolution of the complete ecosystem around the open development of systems hardware and software. The RISC-V processor acts as an integrating element since it offers an open and free instruction set (ISA).

Among the principles of the association are the promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, related to its scope of action, including improving energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, increasing economic productivity, equal opportunities, increasing access to ICTs and collaborative development.

RISC-V is the fifth generation of RISC processor architectures (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) created as an alternative to more complex structures using the concept that speed and efficiency is based on simplicity. As a result of the IC components crisis, Europe has opted to promote this architecture over other proprietary ones, as a vehicle to boost its competitiveness in the strategic semiconductor sector. In this sense, SOHA contributes to the training of talent that allows the creation of high quality jobs.

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